How to Install Cyberflix TV on Samsung SmartTV

We’ve been getting a lot of queries regarding Cyberflix TV on Samsung SmartTV. So here is everything about installing Cyberflix TV on Samsung SmartTV or any SmartTV for that matter.

Cyberflix TV is getting popular lately. There is a huge collection of movies and tv shows you can watch on Android smartphones, tabs, Firestick, Android TV box and even on Windows 10 PC. If you don’t have Cyberflix TV, you can download the latest version of Cyberflix tv here.

Here are installation guides on how to install Cyberflix tv on firestick, Windows PC, Android.

Talking about Cyberflix TV on Samsung SmarTV, there are some speculations. We are going to talk about that here.

Cyberflix TV on Samsung SmartTV

To watch Cyberflix TV movies & tv shows on SmartTV, first, we need to install the Cyberflix TV app on Samsung Smart TV. Before doing any installation process, you need to know something.

Samsung SmartTV runs on the Tizen operating system which is a Linux-based operating system. Samsung uses this same OS on Samsung Smart Watches, some Tizen powered Samsung smartphones like Z4.


Tizen is not a popular OS and a lot of people don’t like to switch to Tizen from Android because of restrictions by Samsung. You can download the apps on Samsung SmartTV that are only available on the Samsung SmartTV app store. Tizen OS does not allow the user to install Android apps on their devices or to sideload android apps in any way.

Since Cyberflix TV is an android app and due to Tizen OS, you cannot install Cyberflix TV on Samsung SmartTV.

Cyberflix TV is not available on Samsung SmartTV app store and it is not possible to sideload an android app on Samsung SmartTV. There are apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu etc. available on App Store but unfortunately, there are no free movie apps available on the app store of Samsung Smart TV.

Cyberflix TV for Other Smart TV

Apart from Samsung SmartTV, there are other Smart TVs from Sony, LG, Xiaomi, Toshiba, TCL, Panasonic, VU and much more. If you have any other smart tv which is running on Android, you can easily download and install Cyberflix TV on Smart TV.

Just make sure it is clearly mentioned that SmartTV is running on Android. You can clearly see that on the box of the TV. See photo below.


If you already have a smart TV, check if your Smart TV has Google Play Store, Google Search, or Google Assistant. If you are going to buy a SmartTV, just make sure you see ‘Android SmartTV’ mark on the TV. See this Android SmartTV from Sony.

For installing Cyberflix TV on Sony, simply go to any web browser and visit this website to download Cyberflix apk on SmartTV. Once you have the Cyberflix APK with you, you will be able to install it very easily.

Since Cyberflix TV is not available on Google Play Store, you can download it from this website. There are a couple of ways to download the Cyberflix TV app on an Android SmartTV.

Cyberflix TV on Samsung SmartTV: Conclusion

That is all I wanted to share about Cyberflix TV on Samsung SmartTV. Because of Samsung’s Tizen OS, you cannot install Cyberflix TV on Samsung Smart TV but if you have the Android Smart TV, you can easily download Cyberflix TV on that SmartTV.

Tizen OS is not compatible with the Cyberflix TV android app right now, so I would suggest using Firestick if you really wanted to watch Cyberflix TV on Samsung SmartTV or you can install Cyberflix TV on the Android TV box. For all those, who don’t have any smart tv but wanted to watch Cyberflix TV on a big tv screen, Firestick is highly recommended.

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