Cyberflix tv on Android TV Box – Download Cyberflix TV on Android Box

Cyberflix TV is the latest app for watching your favorite movies and tv shows online. You can easily download the latest Cyberflix TV apk on any device that uses the Android operating system. Cyberflix TV is compatible with all the Android devices that are running on Android 5.0 or above. Along with Cyberflix TV on Android phones and tabs, you can also install Cyberflix TV on Amazon firestick/FireTV and Cyberflix TV on Windows PC and laptops running on Windows 7, 8, or 10.

Cyberflix TV is highly compatible and that is why it is getting so much popularity lately. The feature of the app itself makes the app stand out of the crowd. If you have an Android tv box and wanted to enjoy your favorite episode on TV, you need to download Cyberflix on the Android tv box.

You are here to know about the installation process of Cyberflix on Android tv box and guess what, you are at the absolute right place. Here we are going to discuss everything about Cyberflix on the Android tv box and in case, we missed something, let us know by leaving a query through the Contact us menu.

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How to Install Cyberflix TV apk on Android TV Box

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If you don’t have an Android TV box and looking to update your old Android TV box, you have a lot of great options that you can buy. You can easily buy an Android TV box with Android 9.0 and Bluetooth 5.0 enabled. These are probably the most updated Android TV box. If you want some good Android TV box, let me know through Contact us.

Once you have the Android TV box, you can proceed further to install Cyberflix on the Android box.

1. Just like the Android smartphone, you need to turn on the ‘Apps from Unknown Source’ on Android TV boxes as well. To do that, simply go to Settings > Security & RestrictionsHere you will see the ‘Turn On unknown Source’ option. Simply turned that on.


Without turning this option On, you will not be able to install any external app on an android tv box.

2. Once you have done that, you need to download Cyberflix TV apk from this page. You can download the app the way you wanted. You can use go to provided link above or you can download it yourself by going to Cyberflix TV official Website through a web browser.


You can also use ES File Explorer to download Cyberflix TV apk.

3. Once you have the Cyberflix TV Apk with you, simply go to File Explorer and fetch the Downloaded Cyberflix TV apk.

Simply open the downloaded file and install it.


It will take a while to install Cyberflix TV on android tv box, but once it is done with the installation, simply open it and have fun.

Cyberflix TV apk on Android Box – Other Ways to Install the App

This is only one way to Download Cyberflix TV on Android tv box and there is a lot of other ways using which you can download Cyberflix TV on Android tv box.

One easy way to download Cyberflix TV on Android tv box is using the Downloader app. If you have Firestick, you are probably known to Downloader app. If not, you can go to Play Store and download Downloader App.


That is also a great way to download Cyberflix TV on Android tv box.

Apart from that, you can use ES File Explorer to download Cyberflix TV apk. Go to ES File Explorer, find tools and open Download Manager. There you need to enter the Cyberflix TV official website and download the Cyberflix TV apk from it.

Once you have the Cyberflix TV installed on your android tv box. You need to do a little setting tweak that will enhance you are all over experience of Cyberflix TV.

You just need to go to Settings of Cyberflix TV and Turn on the Force Android TV Mode.


That option will help you in using the Cyberflix TV app fluidly. It would be really easy to access any option on the screen using Remote.

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Cyberflix TV & MX Player on Android TV Box

Cyberflix tv is a great app but it gets the best when it is being used with MX Player. MX Player is a popular video player for Android devices. That same thing applied on the Android TV box as well. You can easily download MX Player on the Android TV box from Play Store.

Once you have the MX Player on the Android TV box, you need to change the Default Video Player of Cyberflix TV. To do that, you need to go to Settings > Default Video Player. Select MX Player. Make sure, you have MX Player installed on your Android TV Box.


You can also use VLC Media Player with Cyberflix TV. It is completely up to you. Both MX Player and VLC Media Player go well with Cyberflix TV.

If your Android TV box has enough storage, you can download content from Cyberflix TV on local storage to watch that later without a Data connection. Here is how to download Videos from Cyberflix TV offline.

Download Cyberflix TV apk on Android TV Box

That is how you can easily download Cyberflix TV on Android TV box. There is nothing like Cyberflix TV. It is one of the best apps at this time. The app has a lot of great features like inbuilt support of Subtitles, Android TV mode for Firestick and Android TV box. Also, you can sort movies and tv shows according to genre and source. If you find broken links and see ‘No Data’, you can easily fix that. See How to fix No data issue on Cyberflix TV. You can also remove the particular source which is providing broken links.

Watching Cyberflix TV on Android TV box is indeed the best experience at home. Download Cyberflix tv on android tv box and have fun. If you have any queries, feel free to let us know through Contact us.

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