Cyberflix TV Buffering Issue FIXED – Fix Cyberflix TV Buffering, Freezing Issue

Cyberflix TV is a new app for streaming movies and tv shows which is indeed going really good. You can easily download Cyberflix TV apk on your android device to use the Cyberflix TV app. Using Cyberflix TV, you can watch your favorite movies & TV shows on your Android device, anytime and anywhere.

Apart from Android devices, you can also download Cyberflix TV on Firestick. Cyberflix TV on Firestick works amazing and the good thing is Firestick remote is compatible with Cyberflix TV. The ‘Android TV Mode’ on Cyberflix TV allows the user to access the app fluidly. Get the Cyberflix TV on Firestick and get experience.

Cyberflix TV app works great on all the devices be it Smartphones, Windows PC or firestick. You can enjoy the app anytime and anywhere but sometimes Cyberflix TV shows No Data. If you are facing ‘No Data’ on Cyberflix TV, you can fix No Data on Cyberflix TV very easily.

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Other than that, sometimes Cyberflix TV just buffers the video but never play it. That is a really irritating moment when you are all set to watch a movie or latest episodes but all you see is buffering. Well, here we are going to discuss about the same.

Caution: Before You Continue

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Cyberflix TV Buffering Issue – Fix

Cyberflix TV for Android is a great app but not the perfect app. But we can make it perfect. Sometimes, you may see ‘Just buffering’ on Cyberflix TV but that is fixable. We can do a lot of things to fix the Cyberflix TV buffering issue.

Here what you need to do for fixing Buffering issue in Cyberflix TV:

1) Update Cyberflix TV to latest Version

When is the last time you updated the Cyberflix TV app? We don’t care about such things and when we start facing issues, we try to jump to other apps. It’s not that late, you are at the right website and here you will get everything about Cyberflix TV. If you don’t have the latest version of Cyberflix TV, go to the link and download the Latest Cyberflix TV apk.

Most probably, this will fix the issue, if you still have the Buffering issue on Cyberflix TV, read the next solution.

2) Use MX Player as Default Video Player

Cyberflix TV shows a popup that says to download CyberPlay Video Player which is their own video player. And because CyberPlay is not the best Video Player for Android, it sometimes freezes and shows you buffering and buffering and nothing else. You can fix the Cyberflix TV Buffering by using MX Player. Download MX Player from the Play Store and use MX Player as a default Video Player.

To choose MX Player as your default Video Player, go to Settings. Make sure, MX Player is already installed on your Android device. In the Settings, choose ‘Choose Default Video Player‘. Tap on that and select MX Player as your default video player.


Just by doing this, maybe your Cyberflix TV Buffering issue get fixed.

3) Use Secure Connection to buffer

Are you using a VPN? If yes, well done if not, continue reading. A VPN is always recommended when streaming copyrighted content. Streaming movies are not legal in some countries and that can become a major issue for you. Your ISP can see your online activity and you may need to face legal procedures for streaming copyrighted content for free. Therefore, we will suggest you to get a VPN and stream securely.

Streaming movies for free may not be legal in your country and that is why you are seeing just buffering. Using IPVanish VPN, you can connect to remote servers of another country where free streaming is not an issue. Once you are connected to VPN, you can stream any kind of video or content. You can even access the Geographically Restricted Content.

You can also install VPN on firestick. VPN on firestick allows you to use streaming apps for free without any issues.

4) Use Reliable Sources

Apps like Cyberflix TV streams videos using the link which is already available on the internet. Cyberflix TV does not host videos on their servers. The streaming link you are using can be ambiguous or broken that is why you are not able to watch anything but streaming animation. Always use Reliable sources. If you are seeing any Google Drive links, give them preference. Apart from that, if you know the website providing streaming links, only choose those links.

5) Check Your Internet Speed

We love to watch crispy HD movies but have you checked the internet data limit. If you are streaming Full HD or HD links on Cyberflix TV, make sure you have fast and stable broadband connection otherwise, it will take way too long to buffer which is really frustrating. Maybe your ISP using Bandwidth Throttling. You can know more about Bandwidth Throttling and how to get rid of that here.

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6) Remove Outdated Version

If you are facing a buffer issue in Cyberflix TV, it might be due to the outdated version of Cyberflix TV. Use Latest Cyberflix TV. Sometimes, you get 2 Cyberflix TV installed in your device. One with the outdated version and one with Latest Version and this may cause the buffering problem. Get the updated version of Cyberflix TV and make sure you remove the outdated version.

Fix Cyberflix TV Buffer on PC

If you are facing Cyberflix TV buffering issue on Windows PC, you can use VLC Media Player on PC which can fix the buffering issue. Here is how to use VLC Media Player.

  • Once you have chosen the Link you want to stream, just before hit the ‘Play’ Button, use ‘Copy Stream Link’ instead.


  • After doing that, open VLC Media Player. Now go to ‘Media’ and click on ‘Open Network Stream’.


  • Here you need to paste the Copied link and Click Play.


That’s it. Now you can watch Cyberflix TV video buffer free. The video Player quality matters a lot. Always use VLC Media Player on PC and MX Player for Android and Firestick.

If you are already using VLC Media Player, make sure, you are following other points mentioned above. One more thing worth mentioning is that Bluestacks Android Emulator works well on PC. You should use Bluestacks Android Emulator in place of any other Android Emulator you are using to stream Cyberflix TV videos.

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Cyberflix TV Buffering Issue – Fixed

These are some of the easy hacks that will fix the Cyberflix TV buffering issue. There is no full-proof way out to fix the Cyberflix TV Buffering issue. All we can use ‘Hit & Trial’ approach. I was using vague links that are creating problems on my Cyberflix TV but once I streamed the reliable video links, it just worked for me.

Cyberflix TV is a great app and works well for everyone and on every device. Sometimes, it does show Buffering issue but that is absolutely easy to fix. Do not underestimate the above-mentioned things. That can easily fix the Cyberflix TV buffering issue.

If you are still facing Cyberflix TV buffering issue, feel free to contact us.

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