How to Install Cyberflix TV on Firestick (2024)

Cyberflix TV on Firestick is the best way to watch movies and tv shows online on your TV. Here we are going to talk about the easy installation guide to install Cyberflix TV for Firestick 4K and Firestick lite.

You can follow this same installation guide to install Cyberflix tv on FireTV cube and other FireTV devices. The app comes with a great UI that is compatible with the Firestick and you don’t need to jailbreak the Firestick for installing Cyberflix. For Android smartphones and tablets, you can download Cyberflix APK latest version here.

To install Cyberflix TV on Firestick, follow the steps mentioned below


Caution: Before You Continue

The source of content you stream on Cyberflix TV or other similar apps is unknown and could be from insecure servers. A VPN is highly recommended while streaming movies & tv shows on free apps.

Using IPVanish VPN, you can hide your IP from the network and defeat Censorship by getting access to Geographically Restricted Content. Moreover, you will be able to use any free streaming apps anonymously on unlimited devices without being tracked by any unwanted party. Get IPVanish VPN and stream fastly, anonymously, and securely.

There are a lot of methods to install Cyberlfix TV on fire tv and we are going to use the best method to install Cyberflix TV on Firestick. You don’t need any kind of technical skills to download Cyberflix tv on Firestick. Simply follow the steps mentioned below and download Cyberflix on Firestick.

How to Install Cyberflix TV on Firestick in 2024

Here is how to download & install Cyberflix TV on Firestick. Make sure, your Firestick is updated with the latest software update. If you see a Firestick update, simply update your Firestick first and then follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Search ‘Downloader’ in Search Bar

Go to the ‘Search’ option on Firestick Home and search ‘Downloader’.


2. Select the ‘Downloader app‘.


3. Install ‘Downloader’.


4. Go back to Firestick Home and Go to ‘Settings‘.


5. Go to ‘Device‘.


6. Select ‘Developer Options‘.


7. Click on ‘Apps from Unknown Source‘ and Turn it On.


8. Open ‘Downloader‘.

Once installed, open the Downloader app on Firestick. If it asks for any permission, click ‘Allow’.


9. Enter the URL

Once you open the Downloader app. Enter this URL or just enter this code 90197 in the URL section of the Downloader app. See the screenshot for a better understanding. Make sure you enter the exact same alphabet. Characters are case-sensitive as well. Once entered select Go.


10. Wait to Download.

Cyberflix TV apk now downloading on Firestick. It will take a few seconds, depending on your internet speed.


11. Select ‘Next’.

It is time to install Cyberflix TV for Firestick. To install Cyberflix tv on Firestick, Select Next.


12. Click on ‘Install‘.

Select ‘Install’ to begin the installation of Cyberflix TV on Firestick.


13. Wait for the installation.

Wait for a few seconds till the installation gets completed.


14. Select ‘Done‘.

Cyberflix TV is now installed on your Firestick. Select ‘Done’ Now. If Firestick asks you to delete Cyberflix APK, you can delete it. There is no need to keep the Cyberflix APK file on Firestick. Cyberflix TV is already installed on Firestick.


15. Open IPVanish VPN.

Open IPVanish VPN & Connect to VPN. Tap on the Home button on the Firestick remote to minimize the IPVanish VPN app. Here is how to download IPVanish VPN on Firestick.


16. Open Cyberflix TV on Firestick

Open the Cyberflix TV app on Firestick. For the first time, it will ask to select the video player.


17. Select Default Video Player.

Select your default video player. MX Player is recommended but the Native Exo player also works well for me.


18. Turn on Android TV Mode.

For a smooth experience, turn on Android TV mode. To activate that, go to Settings of Cyberflix tv by clicking on the hamburger menu at the top left corner. Scroll a bit and Select ‘Force Android TV Mode’.

19. Ready to Use.

Cyberflix TV is now installed and ready to use on Firestick.


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This is the best and easiest way to download Cyberflix TV on Firestick. You can also download Cyberflix tv using ES File Explorer but unfortunately, ES File Explorer’s downloader manager is a paid feature now. If you have ES Premium, you can definitely use ES File Explorer to download Cyberflix TV on Firestick.

The above-mentioned method of downloading Cyberflix on Firestick is the best method that anyone can use.

Fix Cyberflix TV Not Working on Firestick

Sometimes, Cyberflix TV doesn’t buffer the videos on Firestick. There is nothing wrong with Cyberflix tv or your Firestick device. Sometimes, some apps bother the working of other apps. The cleaning cache of Cyberflix TV will fix the issue. Here is how to clear the cache of Cyberflix TV on Firestick:

1. Go to Settings.

2. Now go to Applications.

3. Select the Manage Installed Application.


4. Look for Cyberflix TV. Once found, open it.


5. Scroll a bit and select Clear Cache.


If Cyberflix TV is not working for you, you can check 12 Apps like Cyberflix TV that also stream movies online on Firestick and Android.

Here is the complete step-by-step guide to install & setup VPN for Firestick.

How to Get the Best Cyberflix Experience on Firestick

Cyberflix tv is indeed a great app and it has a whole lot of features that can really enhance the user experience but a lot of users don’t really know about those Cyberflix TV features and how they can improve the overall experience of Cyberflix TV on Firestick. Here are a few tips for all those users who are facing no links on Firestick with Cyberflix TV or want the best Cyberflix TV experience on Firestick:

1. Activate the ‘Android TV mode‘ from the settings for smooth animations and interface on the Firestick.

2. Download IPVanish VPN (upto 68% Off) and get an anonymous identity on the network for the safe streaming of copyrighted content.


3. Select MX Player as your Default Video Player.

4. Select reliable video sources and remove the sources that are broken and don’t have streaming videos. Go to settings and see options under ‘Providers & Resolvers’.

5. Filter out ‘cam’ links that stream CAM quality.

6. Login to Debris,

7.  If you wanted to watch English Episodes only, select the option called ‘Filter Out Non-English TV Shows’.

8. Select your Native language as your Default App language.

These are a few of the gimmicks you should try to enhance the all-over streaming experience of Cyberflix TV on Firestick. The Cyberflix TV app has a lot of other features that you should see in the Settings of the Cyberflix TV.

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Are you facing a Cyberflix tv no links issue on Firestick? There are a couple of things you can do to fix that. Here are they:

1. Use VPN. There are high chance that links are blocked by your ISP. To bypass that, use IPVanish VPN.

2. Turn on the ‘Parallel Source Loading’ and ‘Resolve All Links Immediately’ options in the Settings of the app.

3. Use Real-Debrid. Check if your account is still active.

4. Check the Firestick Software version.

5. Uninstall the Cyberflix TV app on Firestick and install it again.

6. Restart the Firestick, cut off the power and plug it in again and try again.

These are the quick and practical ways to fix Cyberflix tv No Links on Firestick. Some minor issues are the reason why Cyberflix TV showing No links on Firestick. Once you tried the above fix, it will be working again.

Download Cyberflix TV on Firestick/FireTV: In Conclusion

So that’s how you can download Cyberflix TV on Firestick.  Cyberflix tv is the best thing to have on your home entertainment setup. Cyberflix TV app is indeed one of the best streaming apps for the Android operating system and it works great on Firestick as well. You will also get your favorite & Watched History back on Cyberflix TV.

If you are looking to download Cinema HD APK, you should definitely take a look at this guide explaining how to install Cinema HD on Firestick.

The Cyberflix TV app is equipped with all those great features that will provide you with the best Cyberflix TV experience on the Firestick. The above-mentioned tricks are really going to help you tweak your Cyberflix TV app settings for the best experience. Cyberflix TV on Firestick is one solution for all your home entertainment.

If you have any queries regarding Cyberflix TV on Firestick, feel free to contact us.

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