25 Best Free Movie Apps for Android

Looking for the best free movies and tv shows app for android? You are at the right place because I have a massive list of best apps for watching movies and tv shows on an android smartphone. Most of the free streaming apps do not host the files on their own like Netflix. These streaming apps use directories to stream movies and tv shows on android.

With these android movies app, you can watch movies and tv shows anytime and anywhere. There are hundreds of streaming apps for android and all of them claim to be the best. In all that, the user gets confused and ends up with some trash app.

Here we have a huge list of free movie app for android. Before that, you should be aware of the fact that free movies app are not safe and they might ask for the permissions to access your location, camera, contacts which I think is not necessary for an app that stream movies for free.

If you want to download a free movie app on your android device, at least use the VPN that gives your protection over the network.

Caution: Before You Continue

Streaming movies and tv shows using free apps expose you to Copyright Holders and ISP. You have to face legal proceedings for streaming Copyrighted Content for free. For your protection from any copyright claims and penalties, we recommend you to use VPN for streaming movies.

Using IPVanish VPN, you can hide your IP from the network and stream movies online without any copyright issues. You will also be able to access websites, apps that are not available in your region yet or blocked by ISP. Moreover, you will be able to use any streaming apps anonymously on 10 devices simultaneously without being tracked by any unwanted party. Get IPVanish VPN here and protect yourself from any unwanted legal notices and legal penalties.

Here is the complete step by step guide to install & setup VPN for Firestick.

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Best Free Movie Apps for Android

Below are the best movie apps for android that you can download to stream movies and tv shows for free. Again, watch out for permission and use IPVanish VPN.

1. Cyberflix TV

Cyberflix TV is a popular android app that lets you stream movies and tv shows on android for free. There are a lot of apps similar to that but Cyberflix TV is doing great. There is a huge collection of movies that you can stream online. Using Cyberflix TV, you will also be able to download the content for watching them later offline.

1. Intuitive UI.

2. Huge collection of movies and tv shows.

3. Option to download content offline.

4. Easy to use.

5. Android TV mode for Firestick and android tv.

Cyberflix TV does not meet the play store requirement. You can get Cyberflix TV download website below.

Download Cyberflix TV

2. Kodi

Kodi is an open-source entertainment center that uses Addons and Kodi builds. Using Kodi, you can watch a whole lot of content online on android, Windows, Firestick etc. There are hundreds of Kodi builds available on the internet that let you watch movies for free.


Features of Kodi:

1. Totally Free app to watch movies & tv episodes.

2. Open-source make Kodi an ultimate entertainment hub.

3. Huge collection of apps available for Kodi including Youtube, Movie apps, News app.

4. You can download it from PlayStore without any worries.

5. Huge collection of movies and tv shows.

6. Supports Android, Windows, Firestick, iOS, macOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi.

Download Kodi From Play Store

3. Typhoon TV

Typhoon tv is yet another app for free movies on android. Typhoon TV is a clone of terrarium tv which was a popular app for movies on android. Typhoon TV has the same UI and features that come with the latest collection of movies and tv shows to watch online. Typhoon TV is compatible with an android, firestick. Typhoon TV is not available on Play Store so you better search for it or go to Reddit.

4. Sony Crackle


As the name suggesting. The Crackle app by Sony is a great app for streaming movies for free. You don’t need to subscribe to watching movies. There are certain movies which are absolutely free to watch. Along with free movies, the Sony Crackle app is ad-free and there are no ads in the app. The UI of the app is great and this one definitely deserves a try.

Download Sony Crackle From Play Store

5. Tubi TV


Talking about the best free movie app for android, Tubi TV is a must-have in the list. Tubi TV has a great collection of movies and tv shows that you can watch for free. No need to subscribe or pay. Simply login or use the app as guest to watch movies for free. The app contains ads but it doesn’t bother much. If you are looking for apps to watch free movies, Tubi tv is here. You can download Tubi TV from Play Store.

Download Tubi TV from Play Store

6. SonyLIV

SonyLIV is another app from Sony which provides a huge collection of movies and tv shows. The app provides you free movies & tv shows and there is also a premium version of SonyLIV that provides you LiveTV and other premium content. There are ads in the SonyLIV app and if you want an ad-free experience, you can go for the premium subscription of the app. You can download SonyLIV from Play Store for free.

Download SonyLIV from Play Store

7. SnagFilms


Here is another free movie app for android. SnagFilms has a great UI with huge collection of movies to watch for free. There are a collection of Bollywood movies, international independent movies, Korean, Chinese movies. SnagFilms also has a special interest in LGBT movies, international foreign films, and much more.

You can download SnagFilms for free.

Download SnagFilms from Play Store

8. Morphix TV

MorphixTV is a free app for streaming movies on android. Morphix TV is the latest app for android users to watch movies online. They got a huge collection of movies to watch anytime and anywhere. The user interface of the app is really intuitive and you can download Morphix TV on Android, Firestick and android tv boxes. Morphix TV is not available on Play Store and you need to search for the app or search on Reddit.

9. CinemaBox

CinemaBox was known as Playbox HD which was a popular app for streaming movies online on android. Now with the new name, it brings up some new features that enhance all over entertainment experience on android. There is a huge collection of movies and tv shows which are well managed in different categories. There is a parental control which blocks the content that is inappropriate for kids.

The app is not available on Play Store and you can search for the apk on the internet or on Reddit.

10. Hotstar


Hoststar is a popular app that allows you to stream movies and tv shows for free. The free content is limited to some extent and if you want complete access to the app, you can subscribe to the premium membership of Hotstar. There is huge collection of great movies and tv shows that you can watch for free. Hotstar provides live news, Live TV, movies, tv shows, sports and much more. Hotstar is totally worth subscribing to.

Download Hotstar From Play Store

11. FreeFlix HQ

If you are an anime fan, you are gonna love this app. FreeFlix HQ is a popular app for watching movies for free. They have a huge collection of movies, tv shows, and anime. FreeFlix HQ has almost everything that any movies and tv shows fan gonna love. The user interface of the app is also pretty cool which is easy to access on a variety of devices like android, firestick, and other android powered devices. FreeFlix HQ is not available on Play Store and you can look for the apk on Reddit.

12. Showbox

Showbox is an old and extremely popular android app for watching free movies online. They have a clean user-interface with a great collection of movies and tv shows to watch. Showbox is a popular app and also prone to risks that is why we always recommend VPN before using free movies app for android. You will get an ad-free experience on Showbox with inbuilt support for subtitles. You can also use external video player like MX Player. Along with that, the Showbox app is also compatible with Chromecast, Apple TV and other devices to cast the content on the big screen.

13. JioCinema

JioCinema is an extremely popular app that is by Jio, Reliance. They have a massive collection of Bollywood movies and tv shows to watch. Along with Bollywood movies and Indian TV, there is a huge collection of Hollywood blockbusters movies to watch for free. Jio Cinema is absolutely free app to stream movies on android. All you need is Jio ID to enter. There is no paid subscription to Jio Cinema and it is a completely ad-free experience. All the Jio users can use it to watch movies for free.

Download JioCinema from Play Store

14. Netflix


Do you need any introduction to Netflix? Netflix is a king of all the movie streaming apps for android as well as for other devices. Netflix has a mammoth of movies & tv shows collection that you can watch on variety of devices anytime and anywhere. With an inbuilt download option, you can download movies & tv episodes from Netflix and you can watch them later without even network connection. Along with all that, Netflix also has some of the finest Netflix Original movies and tv shows that worth every penny.

The whole experience of Netflix is just unmatched. You will not be going to find any free movies streaming app for android that can compete with the Netflix app. If you want the best experience of watching movies on the android, get Netflix. You can get a 30-days free trial and once you are satisfied, pay and watch.

Download Netflix

15. Popcorn Time

Here is another popular free streaming app for android. Popcorn time does not have their own servers where they host the files but they use torrent files that are already available on the internet. They stream the torrent links and you can also download the content from the popcorn time app. There is a huge collection of movies and tv shows to watch on popcorn time. For a free movie streaming app, you can definitely give it a try. The app is not available on Play Store and you can have to look for it on the internet.

16. Prime Video


Prime Video by Amazon is a great platform to watch movies and tv shows. The in-app experience is amazing and you can watch hundreds of movies and tv shows on Prime Video. Just like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video also has Prime Original TV shows and movies that are exclusively available on Prime Video only. Prime Video is a product by Amazon that you will get on joining Amazon Prime.

In the Amazon Prime, you will get same-day deliveries of Amazon orders, Amazon Music subscription, Amazon Prime Video subscription, and other Amazon benefits. Amazon Prime Video is always a win-win for you.

With HDR movies and surround sound experience, no other free movie streaming app can compete with the paid apps.

For any movie and tv shows fans, Prime Video is something that should be in your subscription list. You can enjoy Prime Video on Android smartphones, tabs, Android TV, Firestick, Windows PC, iOS devices, macOS devices, and whatnot.

Download Prime Video

17. MX Player

Oh wait, isn’t it a video player? Yes, and it now more than just a video player. MX Player was a product of J2 Interactive which is a Korean company. Recently, MX Player was acquired by an Indian Company called The Times Group for $140 million.

It was just a video player before but now after the acquisition, MX Player has movies, tv shows, LIVE TV and MX Original Web series. Most of the content is for an Indian audience but they have some great Hollywood and Bollywood movies that you can watch for free. MX Player is absolutely free app to watch movies on android as well as other devices.

Download MX Player

18. Hulu


Just like Netflix & Prime Video, we have Hulu with us. Hulu is an extremely popular app for watching movies and tv shows online on a variety of devices. There are different plans for Hulu which start from $5.99/mo. You can get Hulu + Disney + ESPN at $12.99/mo. This is kind of a family plan where you will get entertainment, sports and kids section in a single plan. Hulu also offers you a LIVE TV option. With the Hulu LIVE TV plan, you can watch more than 70 channels on your Hulu account.

Hulu is one of its kind as it provides all the great collection of movies, tv shows and LIVE TV on the same place. You can install the Hulu app on Android, firestick. This is a must-have app on your entertainment setup.

Download Hulu from Play Store

19. BeeTV

BeeTV is yet another free movie app for android that you can use to watch movies and tv shows online. BeeTV has a great UI that you will get used to in the first run. Finding movies and tv shows titles are really easy and everything is well categorized. There is an inbuilt video player but you can use any external video player like VLC Media Player or MX Player. Inbuilt cast feature allows you to cast movies and tv shows on big tv screens using Chromecast, firestick, AppleTV or any other casting device.

BeeTV is indeed one of the best free movie apps you can download on Android. BeeTV app is not available on Play Store and you can download BeeTV APK from Reddit or simply by searching the apk.

20. RedFlix TV

Redflix TV is a new addition in the free movies app for the android list. One thing that I really liked about RedFlix is its UI. It is somewhat like Netflix UI which is really easy to use as everything is well organized. There is a huge collection of movies and tv shows to enjoy. The inbuilt features like Android TV mode, Filtering out the CAM links, subtitle support etc. made Redflix TV one of the best android app for watching movies online. Redflix is not available on PlayStore. You can download Redflix TV app from the official subreddit on Reddit or by searching on the internet.

21. Plex

Plex is a popular subscription-based service to watch movies online but you can also use the trial version of it. They have partnered with the biggest streaming partners for providing you top-notch quality of streaming experience. You can use Plex on Android, Windows, iOS, macOS, Android TV boxes, Roku, Firestick and what not.

Plex is one of the best must-have apps for any movie & tv show fanatic.

Download Plex

22. PlutoTV

PlutoTV is yet another free movie streaming app that you can use to watch free movies on an android, windows computer, Firestick and other platforms. PlutoTV is a free streaming app with Ads. The interface is amazing and it also offers LIVE TV.

They have a huge collection of movies and tv shows to watch online. The content is well managed and categorized according to the genre. It is really easy to use PlutoTV for watching movies and tv shows for free.

Download Pluto TV

23. Yidio

This is actually a movie and tv shows guide rather than a streaming app. You can use this app to know where a particular title is available. Yidio helps you in finding the best app that you can subscribe to on the basis of their collection of titles. They have huge content libraries from the biggest entertainment provider apps like Netflix, Hulu, Showtime, Amazon Prime, HBO Now, abc, cbs and what not. If you are finding trouble finding any movie or tv show, Yidio will help you out.

Download Yidio

24. Roku


Roku deserves the place on this list because it is best for movies and tv shows. They have a great collection of movies and tv shows on various devices. Roku also has a hardware device that you install on your tv for streaming movies and tv shows. Roku has its own channels in which some of them are absolutely free to stream. Roku is one of the recommended apps for movies and tv shows lovers.

Download Roku

25. Popcornflix

Last but not the least, we have Popcornflix which is another free movie streaming app. There is not a huge collection of movies but still, we have a decent collection of movies that you can watch on android for free. The app comes with an inbuilt video player and like other free apps in the list, you cannot use MX Player or any other external video player. Streaming quality is good and it is a good app for watching movies for free.

Download Popcornflix on Play Store

Are Free Movie Streaming Apps Safe?

The answer to this question is subjective. For those, who don’t know anything about the science of the internet will say it is safe to stream free movies app while anyone with basic knowledge of the Internet will deny it.

Why Free Movie app not safe?

These free streaming apps use links that are already available on the internet in the form of the torrent, directories, Cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox. In that case, you never know the source of the link and you have no idea of the person providing you free movie links. In the form of these free apps for movies, they can inject malicious codes in your android smartphone and track your activity including access to your Gallery, Contact, Camera and what not.

How to be safe?

You can use these free movies app for android but you should keep close attention to the behavior of the app. You should deny the app permission to contacts, Camera, gallery, phone, messages because logically, an app which provides free movies streaming on a smartphone doesn’t need access to contacts or camera of the phone.

Along with the permission settings, always use IPVanish VPN. VPN adds up an encrypted layer of security which protects you from tracking. No one on the network will be able to track your internet activity as streaming copyrighted content is a legal offense. ISP and copyright holders can sue you for that. So, IPVanish VPN is always recommended. With one IPVanish VPN account, you can protect 10 devices simultaneously. IPVanish VPN app is available for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, Android TVs, Firestick.

 Free Movies App for Android: Final Words

So these are the best movies app that you can use to stream movies on android for free. Use this app with utmost care otherwise, you will end up with serious problems. For best entertainment experience, always use legal and legit apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, Hotstar etc. to stream movies and tv shows on android devices. There are some legit and legal free movies apps that you can use to stream movies for free.

The above list of free movies app for android smartphones has mix apps. Some of them are absolutely free while others are paid. Few of them are free as well as paid like Hotstar. I hope that list helped you in finding your best free movie streaming apps.

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