CyberFlix TV APK 3.5.9 Download For Android, Firestick & PC (2024 Update)

Cyberflix tv is the most loved app right now by millions of users. The app comes with a great user experience that you can enjoy on different devices including Android, Firestick as well as on Windows PC. All you need is to download Cyberflix tv apk on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Cyberflix TV comes with a huge content library that offers you a smooth and seamless entertainment experience on different devices. Cyberflix APK is compatible with multi-platforms like Android, Windows, Firestick. You will have a great time with Cyberflix TV apk. Once you downloaded Cyberflix apk on your devices, you will not switch to any other app.

What is Cyberflix TV?


Cyberflix TV is a popular android app for watching movies online on any android device. The app is getting better and better with every new update that is the reason why people are loving it. The app has a lot of features that are hidden or you just missed. Simply download Cyberflix on Android and experience it yourself.

One of the best things about Cyberflix TV app is regular updates. Make sure you update the app to the latest version. Apart from that, there is inbuilt support of Real Debrid and which is a great feature for the synchronization of our media across different devices and consoles.


Cool Features of Cyberflix TV:

  • Multi-Language Support
  • Supports External Player
  • Filter-Out Non-English, CAM links
  • Supports & Real-Debrid
  • Links Providers Filteration
  • Inbuilt Subtitles Support
  • Option to restore Favorites, Settings, Watched Episodes
  • HD, Full HD & 4K Links

These are some of the best Cyberflix TV features that make it a great Android app for watching movies online. Using these Cyberflix features, you will be able to use the app to its fullest capacity. These are features are useful for both Android and Firestick users. Before using Cyberflix, just make sure you are connected to IPVanish VPN as your privacy is always the first priority.

You don’t need to buy separate VPNs for all your devices. Get an IPVanish VPN subscription that allows you to use one subscription on unlimited devices simultaneously. For installing & setting up a VPN on Firestick, see this guide to setup VPN for Firestick

Download Cyberflix TV 3.5.9 APK Latest 2023 Version

Now you know everything about the app and now it is time to download Cyberflix TV apk for your Android device. You can easily download Cyberflix APK from the button mentioned below. Once you got the apk file, simply install it on your Android.

Download Cyberflix APK v3.5.9

This download button will take you to the Cyberflix tv download link where you will find the apk file to download. You can install that same apk on Android, Firestick, and Windows PC.

Cyberflix TV on Android Devices

Cyberflix TV on Android is easy to install. Once you downloaded the apk, you can install it on any android device you want. After installing it on your Android smartphone and you can start streaming movies on your android device. A great feature of Cyberflix tv is that you can easily download videos offline for watching them later. You don’t need a data connection to watch the downloaded videos from Cyberflix tv.

 How to install Cyberflix tv on Android smartphones/tablets


1. Go to Settings > Security > Turn on the Unknown Sources.

2. After turning on that, download Cyberflix tv apk.

3. Go to the Download folder of your android and fetch the apk file you just downloaded.

4. Once you found it, open it and follow the screen instruction. Click on install when you see it.

5. Wait for the installation to complete.

6. Once installation is done, open the Cyberflix TV app and enjoy.

Here is a complete step-by-step guide to Download Cyberflix TV on Android with screenshots and FAQs.

Download Cyberflix TV on Firestick 4K/Firestick Lite

Cyberflix tv on Firestick is another great way to get entertained at home. You can easily install Cyberflix on Firestick. Please note that you don’t need to jailbreak the Firestick or FireTV to install Cyberflix tv on Firestick or FireTV. Firestick has native support for Android apps and if you have an Android apk, you can easily install the Android app on Firestick. To install Cyberflix TV on firestick, you need Cyberflix APK file and all you need is to install it on Firestick.


We already have the step-by-step guide to install Cyberflix tv on Firestick. There are different methods to install Cyberflix on Firestick. You will all the methods in our installation guide.

See this complete installation guide about Cyberflix TV on firestick.

Cyberflix TV for Android TV Box

Cyberflix TV on Android tv box is another way to enjoy movies & tv shows. Android TV box allows us to experience Android apps on Non-SmartTV. You can install Cyberflix TV APK on any Android TV box like Mi TV Box, Nvidia Shield, Leelbox Q2, Easytone Android TV. Android TV box allows you to access Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Netflix, etc. right on your Android TV Box.

Like other Android apps, you can also be able to download Cyberflix tv on an Android TV box running on Android 4.0 or above. It is super easy and fun to have Cyberflix tv on Android TV Box. The app comes with an inbuilt option of accelerating Android TV mode that ensures a great Cyberflix TV experience on your Android TV Box.

See How to Download Cyberflix TV on Android TV box.

Cyberflix TV on Windows PC, Laptop


Cyberflix TV is fun to watch on Android devices and on Windows Laptop too but installing Cyberflix TV on Windows Laptop is a different league. As you already know Cyberflix TV is an Android app and you need the Android ecosystem to install android app on Windows PC/laptop.

You can install Cyberflix tv on Windows PC but for that, you need to install Android Emulator. Without Android Emulator, you cannot install Cyberflix TV on Windows PC. But yes, you can easily install Cyberflix TV on Windows PC/Laptop.

Download Cyberflix TV for iPhone

Cyberflix TV is a great app for Android smartphones but unfortunately, Cyberflix tv is not available for iPhone. Actually, the app is not available for any device that runs on iOS be it iPhone or iPad. Moreover, there is no legitimate way to install Cyberflix tv on iPhone. You can use Cyberflix TV on Android smartphones, tablets, Windows PC/Laptop, Android TV box but unfortunately, there is no Cyberflix for iPhone/iPad. But if you wanted to download Cyberflix TV on Macbook or MacOS, you can easily install Cyberflix TV on Macbook.

See this guide to download Cyberflix TV on Macbook/MacOS. You will also get to know everything about Cyberflix TV for iPhone.

Cyberflix TV for Roku

Cyberflix TV for Roku is another great way to enjoy Cyberflix TV on the big screen. You will be able to see Cyberflix TV movies and tv shows on Roku devices. There is no direct way to install Cyberflix TV on Roku devices. Why? See here to get everything about Cyberflix TV on Roku and how you can still use Cyberflix tv on Roku devices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have any questions regarding Cyberflix TV, please see this FAQ section where we have provided answers to basic questions that may arise in your mind. If you have other questions in mind, feel free to contact us.

Q1. Is Cyberflix TV compatible with MX Player or any other external Video Player?

Ans: Absolutely yes. You can easily use any Android video player.  You can use MX Player, VLC Media Player or any other video player with Cyberflix TV. Cyberflix TV provides its very own CyberPlay Player that you can download from the Cyberflix TV official Website and also from Play Store.

Q2. Is Cyberflix TV Safe to Use?

Ans: There is no proper answer to this question. Installing Cyberflix TV Apk on Android is absolutely safe. Please note, do not download Cyberflix TV APK from a third party, download Cyberflix TV from Cyberflix Official Website only. We do not provide any APK file on this website. This is an educational Blog about Cyberflix TV. Always use VPN before using any free streaming app on your Android. You can see this to know if Cyberflix TV safe or not.

Q3. Why Cyberflix TV showing Buffering Only?

Ans: Sometimes Cyberflix TV shows only buffering and it does not play the asked video. There is no problem with the app. Maybe you are doing something wrong here. See this to Fix Cyberflix TV buffering issue.

Q4. Are there any Alternatives to Cyberflix?

Ans: If you due to any reason, you didn’t like Cyberflix TV, well you can use Cyberflix TV Alternatives like Cinema HD APK. You can check the whole list of Cyberflix TV alternatives on this website. You can choose any of them. There are a lot of legal apps for free movie streaming. You can check that list also.

Q5. Is there any subtitle support in Cyberflix?

Yes. There is an option that allows you to watch a movie or tv show with subtitles. If you are using MX Player, you can add your own Subtitles, in your local language. See this to add Subtitles on Cyberflix TV.

Q6. How to update the app?

Ans: If you already have Cyberflix TV installed on your device, you will get a notification to update the app. Otherwise, you can go to the Cyberflix TV Official Website to download the latest version of Cyberflix TV APK.

Q7. Is it available for iPhone/iPad/Mac?

Ans: You will get all your answers about the availability of Cyberflix TV for iPhone/iPad/Mac in a full-fledged blog post dedicated to Cyberflix TV For iPhone/iPad/Mac.

Q8. Why Cyberflix TV showing No Data?

Ans: The app is working is absolutely fine but sometimes it shows No Data Error. You can easily fix that error. See this to fix Cyberflix TV No Data Issue. Just go through it and you will get the working Cyberflix TV app.

Q9. Can I download videos?

Ans: Yes, you can download videos from Cyberflix TV and watch them later. Cyberflix TV has an inbuilt feature that allows the user to download Cyberflix TV offline. Here you can learn how you can download Cyberflix TV videos offline. The recent Cyberflix TV 3.3.1 doesn’t come with the Download option, in that case, you need to download Cyberflix TV 3.1.8 if you really need that Download option or you can use other ways to download videos from Cyberflix TV 3.3.1.

Q10. Can I backup my favorite, Watched history, and Setting?

Ans: Yes, you can backup your Cyberflix TV data. Before updating the app to the latest version, make sure you create a backup of your Cyberflix TV. If you don’t know how to backup & Restore Cyberflix TV data, here is everything about it.

Q11. Do I need a VPN?

Ans: Cyberflix TV scrapes streaming links from the internet and shows you in one place. In that case, you don’t know the source of the link. That is why we recommend using IPVanish VPN with Cyberflix TV. VPN provides you an encrypted layer between you and the Internet. That way, you will be able to use Cyberflix TV without any worries. Yes, VPN is highly recommended.

Q12. What is Cyberflix TV Password?

Ans. Cyberflix TV password is added on version 3.4.2 and without entering the password, you cannot access the app. Here is Cyberflix TV Password and also see how to disable the Cyberflix TV passwords.

Download Cyberflix TV APK 2023 Latest Version: In Conclusion

So that is all about the Cyberflix TV APK on an Android-powered device. The app is great for watching movies and tv shows online on Android devices. Unfortunately, there is no Cyberflix TV for iPad or iPhones. You can enjoy movies and tv shows on Firestick, Android smartphones, and tablets. Moreover, you can also download Cyberflix TV on Windows PC and laptop. Download Cyberflix apk and have all the entertainment in your Android smartphone or tablet.